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Emergency and Acute care

If you are suffering a major or life threatening emergency please call 000 and follow directions while awaiting an ambulance that will take you to hospital.

If you are suffering from a minor emergency we may be able to provide treatment. Examples of minor emergencies may include minor cuts, falls, and minor trauma to joints i.e. possible sprains or tendon injuries, minor fracture. If you are uncertain whether your emergency is major or minor, then you are best to call 000 or present to an emergency department as indicated. Please notify the receptionist of the nature of your emergency.

Chest pain

Chest pain can often be very complicated and can potentially occur from serious conditions such as heart attack or lung problems. If you have a past history of heart attacks or major lung problems and are suffering chest pain you will need to go to hospital. Don’t delay, dial 000 and follow instructions while awaiting an ambulance.

Please let the reception staff know if you are suffering from chest pain – extra time / early nurse review may be required. If the doctor feels it is appropriate they may direct you to call 000 and go straight to hospital.

Plastering of simple fractures

Our doctors may be able to send you for X-ray if a simple fracture is suspected. Depending on the location, alignment and age of the patient, we may be able to apply a plaster to it. If it is a more complicated fracture you will be referred to the emergency department for appropriate management.

Suturing (stitching) of simple wounds or cuts

If you suffer a relatively simple cut that may require suturing we are able to assess it. If we are able to provide appropriate care we may be able to clean and suture it. Certain kinds of wound may require a higher level of care and you will be referred to the hospital emergency department. You may require a tetanus immunisation booster after sustaining a skin wound, which can be provided without additional cost.

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