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For over 50 years our family general practice has provided quality health care to local hills residents and is particularly convenient to access for those in Belair, Flagstaff Hill, Coromandel Valley and Aberfoyle Park. The Blackwood Clinic is a fully accredited general practice with experienced General Practitioners who provide a complete and personal approach to patients medical needs with a focus on preventative medicine and active health promotion. Our nursing team work in close collaboration under the guidance of our GPs to deliver this quality service. 


Coronavirus Update - 28/5/20

The Blackwood Clinic is pleased to announce that we are reducing the restrictions that have been in place during the Covid-19 pandemic. As of 1st of June there will be greater availability to access your doctor face to face. You will now be able to directly book an appointment with one of our doctors. Please practice social distancing when attending our clinic. Please use the hand sanitiser available and avoid touching any surfaces where possible, such as the reception desk or surfaces in the consult rooms.

However, please note some restrictions will apply:
All respiratory presentations will be managed over the phone, this includes any of the typical cold and flu like symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, fevers or loss of taste/smell. Your doctor will discuss Covid-19 testing options and arrange any necessary management or follow up, which may include face to face consults at a later time.

If you are presenting with an unrelated issue, and you happen to have ANY cold and flu symptoms you will be managed as above for a respiratory condition via telehealth. You must let our staff know this, and not attend the clinic in person. It doesn't matter if your symptoms are extremely mild, for the good of the community, we must manage all respiratory symptoms with the utmost caution.

For individual reasons, some of our GPs will not be able to offer face to face consults as described above. Our reception staff will advise you of this, and a telehealth consult will be required initially. A subsequent face to face consult may be arranged if necessary.

Telehealth services will continue to be offered to patients. If you feel your problem can be adequately managed over the phone, then we are happy to utilise this service to avoid unnecessary visits to our clinic. If it becomes apparent a face to face consult is required, our staff will arrange one at a suitable time

Thank you
The Blackwood Clinic would like to thank our local community for adapting to the various restrictions and difficulties we have all faced through these unprecedented times. It is a credit to all South Australians, for engaging with these public health measures which has contributed to the success we have seen in this state. We are truly lucky to live where we do.

In order to stay ahead of the Coronavirus and stop the spread, we ask the community to stay vigilant, and we support Federal and State guidelines that include:

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